Timeline : The Evolution of "Several Sources Shelters"



Several Sources Crisis Pregnancy Center in the Ukraine opened

Other benefactors began sponsoring a young woman who was originally from Uganda and studying to become a doctor. She become pregnant and found Several Sources on the Internet. A benefactor decided to help her and her "saved" baby, Katrina, born 3-28-2012. Katrina's mother has opened the first, small, Several Sources Crisis Pregnancy Center in the Ukraine and has counseled four pregnant women. Two have given birth and two are scheduled to give birth later in 2012. "No one was willing to help me. I was all alone in a foreign land. I spent days and days searching around the entire world and then I found Several Sources!... so, now I have my precious baby girl and my education to complete and I'm helping others who needed help like me.", comments our young pre-med student in the Ukraine. The Internet is a great resource to help women all over the world. We have counseled women from Poland to the Philippines to Australia.


"Ladies and Babies Rest"

In 2012, "Ladies Rest" became "Ladies and Babies Rest" to reflect its expanded mission of helping women and needy children of all ages. Over 200 homeless women and their needy children are assisted every year through Ladies and Babies Rest.


"Gift of Hope Women's Health Center" Sonogram Center

In the fall of 2012, we opened a pregnancy clinic offering FREE and private ultrasounds using state-of-the-art equipment. We have been privileged to save many babies and help their mothers find a future through our "Gift of Hope Women's Health Center".



In 2012 our www.lifecall.org website was updated to include over 550 Shelters and 1,600 Crisis Pregnancy Centers by state in the United States. Research was conducted by our Housemothers to include as many email addresses and websites on this listing to assist those who are seeking pregnancy support.



Begin a scholarship program

One of our benefactors and his brother reviewed our mission and decided in 2011 to begin a scholarship program for our mothers. During the first year four mothers were enrolled. Three were in a Medical Assistant Program and one was in an online program in Counseling at the University of Chicago. All completed their educational programs in 2012. Education is the key to a solid foundation for our mothers. Our benefactors have asked us to expand these efforts for our young mothers in the future.



National Community-Based Abstinence Education Grantees Conference

During the National Community-Based Abstinence Education Grantees Conference Harry Wilson, Associate Commissioner, Family and Youth Services Bureau shares his advice on abstinence programs.



"The Choice Game™"

There is no doubt that youth love the internet and computers. Therefore, Several Sources has created an interactive CD ROM and a website called "The Choice Game™" as a further aid to teach the merits of abstinence. The game places the players in real life situations where they must choose who they wish to date and what they will do on that date. The player can learn critical life skills in a safe environment. The game is currently being taught even in our own Several Sources Shelters to our mothers and, in 2012, samples covering the topics of STDs and Teen Pregnancy will be mailed to over 2,000 Crisis Pregnancy Centers and other shelters for young pregnant women throughout the United States. http://thechoicegame.com


Sponsor trip for children with radioactive contamination

In partnership with the United Nations Women's Guild, Several Sources has helped needy children throughout the world, including one of our benefactors sponsoring a trip to Washington, D.C. for 8 children who suffered from radioactive contamination of the Chernobyl Nuclear accident.


Several Sources Websites

In 2000, we found that over 800,000 visitors came to Several Sources websites and more than 35,000 spent 15 minutes or more learning and participating in them. http://www.severalsourcesfd.org


Non Governmental Organization of the United Nations

In June of 1999, Several Sources Shelters became a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) of the United Nations with Special Status. NGO's participate in the work of the United Nations and are able to be part of the legislative process through conference participation and new issues raised by NGO's in public sessions at the United Nations.



"Ladies Rest" was opened

In 1997, Several Sources opened their fifth Shelter called "Ladies Rest" in Newark, New Jersey. Three businessmen had pledged to pay the rent for the first three years. Several Sources had to raise the operating expenses. Now, there is a daytime shelter that serves hundreds of women of all ages each year. Some are battered or victims of other forms of abuse. The daytime shelter is needed to compliment other nighttime shelters in Newark where the homeless are only allowed to sleep. In 2012, "Ladies Rest" became "Ladies and Babies Rest" to reflect its expanded mission of helping women and needy children of all ages.


A fourth home was donated

In 1994, A benefactor family in Mendham, New Jersey, donated a home in loving memory and honor of their parents.


"Garden of Life"

In 1993, our memorial "Garden of Life" in Ramsey, New Jersey, was dedicated to help ease the turmoil and the fear of an unplanned pregnancy. Among the flowers are beautiful photographs of babies. As loved ones are remembered, lives are being saved. When our young women walk the grounds, they are often heard to say: "You people really make me feel special. This is the first time since I found out that I was pregnant, that I can feel that someone cares."


Special Families project was started

Also in 1990, one inner city foster mother said to Kathy "Why is there so much month left at the end of the milk?" From this comment, the Special Families project was started with five families. Now there are 63 families, representing 163 children ranging in ages from newborn to 18 years old, who are provided with food gift certificates, medical and school supplies, gifts at Christmas and other support to help them get through difficult times.

A third shelter was established

In 1990, Monsignor Thomas McCarthy and the parishioners of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in Washington Township, New Jersey, offered their Convent as the Foundation's third shelter.


Second shelter opened

Kathy soon found out that she wasn't the only one worrying about teen mothers. After hearing about her struggles, a CPA and lawyer, Richard Ryan, took up her cause and offered his N.J. Shore summer home so she could take in more mothers. Mr. Ryan became Treasurer of the Foundation and decided to sell his house in Sea Isle City and in 1989 he donated the proceeds as a down payment for a second home in Ramsey, New Jersey.



Kathy works with Mother Teresa

Kathy DiFiore's friendship with Mother Teresa began in 1985 when the two women worked together to change the law in New Jersey so that Kathy could continue to shelter pregnant teens and their children in her home.


Kathy was fined $10,000 for an illegal boarding house

Peace was difficult to find in 1984 when, after having housed young pregnant women free of charge in her own home, Kathy was fined $10,000 by the state of New Jersey for running an illegal boarding house. Her story appeared in newspapers, along with numerous television news programs. State Senator Gerald Cardinale sponsored a bill exempting non-profit groups from the legislation.