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Beyond grateful

Dear Several Sources Benefactor,

     My name is Nia and I am a 23 years old. When I found out I was pregnant last July I was very scared. I was in college and completely alone. I sadly considered abortion. I knew in my heart it wasn't what I wanted to do but on the other hand I didn't know how to raise a child and continue to stay in college. I eventually called an abortion clinic to get info on the cost of an abortion. After I did that I felt guilty and sad so I went online to find an abortion counseling site to help sort out my feelings.

     What I ended up finding was Several Sources. I was nervous to contact the email address on the website. I didn't know who(if anyone) would read my email and if anyone would respond but I sent an email as I was reaching out for help. By the end of the day I got an email from Kathy.

     Everything she said to me was exactly what I needed to hear. She helped me realize that I did NOT want an abortion and even though having a baby would be difficult, saving my innocent baby's life was worth it. Kathy wrote kind, caring, comforting words. All things that helped me. I was alone in life and emailing with her gave me a friend in the situation. Kathy sent me a package with some baby items and a gift card for $100 gift card to buy supplies for my pre born baby.

     With that card I was able to buy clothes and a bathtub for my baby. After I had my baby I was assisted by Several Sources with diapers and some wipes and baby clothes for her because I did not have any money for more clothes. I also received help with making my car payments twice. My vehicle is extremely important and without it I would not be able to shop for my kids, get to work or stay in college. Without the kind hearts of the benefactors who provide funds for Several Sources I would have lost my vehicle. I am truly blessed to have met Kathy . Without the wonderful donations and funds given to this foundation I may have not met Kathy. If I wouldn't have met Kathy, my beautiful daughter Shanice wouldn't be here.

     I am beyond grateful for all the help and support I have received from the Several Sources Shelters. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has ever donated supplies or money to Several Sources. Because of this foundation I get to wake up to my daughter's beautiful smile every morning and I get to sing her to sleep every night. May God Bless all of you, I am forever grateful,

     From a very thankful mother.