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Changed my life

Dear Benefactors,

     Coming to Several Sources has really changed me. I would like to say thank you for everything that was done for me. I know Several Sources is Godsent, because God knew I needed a safe place to have my baby and I also needed a new start.

     More focus and confidence was gained. I look at my daughter every day and couldn't be any more thankful for her. I know everything happens for a reason and for just a time as this my whole life has changed for the better. 

     Going through family issues at my biological sister's house, I searched google for shelters for pregnant moms. I refused to have my baby in a house full of stress and alcohol abuse. Right before I came to Several Sources, I was in the hospital for a threatened miscarriage. As I lay there with tears in my eyes praying for God to help and thankful for my blessing He has given me. Soon after, I was here at Several Sources. 

     I've been able to pass my GED and also apply for college while I was pregnant. I was also able to work and get plenty of job offers. God has always been part of my life, but being here at Several Sources I've learned a lot from Bible Study. I learned a lot of things I knew in many different ways. 

     Also while I was here I was able to take a pledge remaining chaste until marriage. Even though I took the pledge when I was 16, there's always a way the devil will tempt you and knock you off God's plan for your life. Taking Chastity classes has helped me find myself and want better for myself. They help me get back in touch with what I really need for myself. 

     I would also like to personally thank the benefactors for the support given to Several Sources. I know God is with you all and He is very pleased for all the good that is done. Several Sources is truly a blessing to me and my daughter. 

Thank You & God Bless,
Andrea & Baby Gabe (9/14/12)