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God and a Blessing

Dear Kathy & Benefactors,

     I would like to say thank you for all the care, support and help you have given my daughter Bella and I. Several Sources is definitely a gift from God and a blessing. From the name it sounded like it wasn't a God-oriented shelter. I realized later on that it was a homey atmosphere with God as a spiritual guide for all of us. You definitely restored my faith and hope in God. I was able to slowly mend my relationship with my dad. My baby's father was grateful to see his daughter in the hospital. I learned a lot so far at my stay in this shelter it is indeed a humbling experience for me and I learned that life is very sacred and precious. I learned too that life should be taken more seriously but at the same time be celebrated. I learned the importance of chastity and virtues. I learned to be more disciplined and careful with my heart. All the volunteers, workers and benefactors taught me that God gives us reasons for why we fall and make mistakes because we can always get back up again. This was a lesson well taught for me and I realize the importance of education because it opens more options for myself and my daughter. Thank you so much for your understanding and generosity.


Beth and baby girl Bella (5/6/12)