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Happy Feelings

Hi Kathy,

I just wanted to express some happy feelings I been going through.

Trusting in God put me in so much peace with everything. I have faith in everything I pray for. You let me see that God has always given me everything I needed. He never failed me. Even the times when I was hurt, all that pain was training for me to help another person with. And I'm no longer mad or angry about my past.

 Now, like you said, I'm seeing form God's eyes, Hearing from His ears and feeling from His heart. 

I have given up on all the immature things. I realized that whether I like it or not I need more growing up to do. And day by day it needs to be done. I see now. I no longer complain or gossip and that helps me push forward. 

I have a son who is getting older and he sees and hears everything. I have to be everything to him. And when I sit in deep thought, I would want the both us in heaven together. And it's my job to make that happened. We pray together and each day he wakes up and says good morning to his angel.

I have goals organized and it feels good to know that I did that by myself and for myself and Keith. I can accomplish so much. I know I can do it and that God has given me the grace to!!!

I had so many fears about everything but reading the Bible told me that if I trust in our Father, there is no need for fear. He has so many kids that need him and he manages to help them all when they need it.

Beingin this state of mind I feel so beautiful. I haven't felt like this in a long time. I don't think I ever did. God is so good to me and Keith in so many ways. I feel like a LADY! Graceful.

God Bless!

Nichole - Keith (born 8/28/10)

"Have faith in the Lord. Everything is according to his plan."