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Open Minded

     Bible study is a time when we all get together to discuss God and the Holy Spirit, to also celebrate God and to make sure we all are on the same page with God. It teaches those that don't have a religious background. I have learned a lot in our Bible Study, from what the Our Father's prayer means….to what the holy spirit is…to how to pray. Also to be more open-minded about religion. I will teach my daughter  who was born on 8-16-11 that God is always there for you to Love and help you through anything good and bad. - Andrea

     After being at Several Sources for a year and taking Bible Study, I understand why I should have God in my life. One of the main things I get in Bible Study is that I NEED God in my life especially for Shane. I truly believe that guardian angels exist, because I have experienced it now. I want to instill in my son a more consistent prayer life, attending church more on a consistent basis and understanding the Bible more. I plan to read the Bible more and will pray on it until it is easier to comprehend. - Debbie (Shane born 2-15-12).

     Bible Study means getting together in a group or just with you and God and learning new things about the Bible or understanding stuff you already know. My daughter will always know there' s a God. She will always know about Jesus and the Holy Spirit because of what I know and how God has helped me through. I was raised knowing Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit and Bible stories. Several Sources reinforces that. - Shantel (My baby is due on 9-19-12).

     I've learned though Bible Study how to be a good Christ-like woman. I've learned about right and truthful things, about Mary, Jesus and other women and men in the Bible. I'll be teaching my son how to be how to be honest, fair, caring to himself and to others. - Tylissa (son Eddie born 8-28-10). 

     Bible Study means learning about the saints and how they experienced life just like we do today in many ways. Topics that we've discussed I can put into daily life choices. I plan to teach my son the 10 commandments  in depth. - Wanda and Bravon, born on 2-25-12.

     To me, Bible Study is  like receiving God's Blessing. It's like my weekly church. I have learned how to live a good life and how we need our body and spirit to work together because when we hurt somebody we hurt ourselves as well. I'll be teaching Michael the word of God and to respect his parents and follow the 10 commandments. -Jennifer (Michael born 7-16-11).