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Saving Me and My Baby

Dear Benefactors,

     I found out about Several Sources when my mom wanted to take me to get an abortion and I didn't want to so they referred me to Plan Parenthood and they seen that I didn't want an abortion and they didn't want me to get one either so they told me about here and I called. I moved in right after Christmas it was a difficult experience and a wonderful one because it was my first time being away from my family for so long but then it was wonderful because it was peaceful here. I love how everyone is like family and they want the best for me and my baby. I like Elkwood High School my favorite subject is math and social studies the students are really nice on my first day they showed me around and took me to all my classes. Well my mom came to visit I guess you could say it went well it was nice to see her but I still feel like she wants me to get an abortion and will never accept me. Again than you benefactors to help keep Several Sources open without this help I think I will either still be arguing with my mom or fighting with my brother or on the street. Also I want to thank you for saving me and my baby boy Luke due may 13 :)


Cindy & Luke due 5/13/12