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Several Source Mother Comments

     Christmas at home would mean no gifts or parties; no real acknowledgement of the Holiday at all, and not 'cause my mother couldn't afford it. She just said I wasn't worthy of any gifts.

     But Christmas at Several Sources was something I couldn't imagine. We had a Christmas tree, a big feast and enough gifts for me hand my unborn baby and I've only been here a week!

     The party we had felt like a real family. We cooked; we told jokes and ate together. For the first time in a long time, I felt a part of a family that cared.

<Mother's Name> (baby due April 2012)

     To me, Christmas time at Several Sources was a very happy and exciting time of year. So many parties and functions we went to. There wasn't any time to feel unhappy or down about what was going on in the months previously. Christmastime at Several Sources makes you happy and excited for the months to come!

<Mother's Name> (baby due 2/22/12)

     Not only did my son receive gifts from the Shelter and the other families, but I have been able to witness the joy and happiness put into the other Mothers of Several sources due o the generosity of our benefactors. That is the best gift I could receive-seeing these young mothers smile and know that they ARE loved.

<Mother's Name> and <Son's Name> (7/14/10)

     Being here at Several Sources during the Christmas season was fun and enjoyable. I went to a few Christmas parties. I was thankful for receiving gifts for my baby and myself. I got to see my family and spend time with them too. I wished my baby was here to spend the holidays with me, but I'm happy he'll be here soon. 

<Mother's Name> (baby due 3/9/12)

     I really want to thank you benefactors for everything you're doing for me and soon-to-come son. I won't have to worry and you're providing a life for my baby. When I didn't have nowhere to turn, I had hope and Several Sources gave me a place to live where I am comfortable. I can stay in school and I can be stable. I couldn't ask for anything else.

(<Mother's Name> (due 5/19/12)